Our Values

Safety in the Work Place – Be Safe. Home Safe

The adherence to and application of safety standards is a full-time consideration. Identifying safety concerns is a priority in order to prevent hazardous occurrences.

Expect to Flourish

Maintaining a positive attitude is made easier in an encouraging and enthusiastic environment. Offer a smile and celebrate accomplishments. Communication is key. Take the time to listen and consider the well being of others who will do the same in return.

Self-Pride and Confidence

Reflect self-assuredness through displaying personal pride. Demonstrate professionalism through your appearance by looking as well as demonstrating confidence in yourself.

Work and Respect

Team work begins with an individual role or function, each individual goal achieved is an accomplishment for everyone. Take responsibility for your actions in order to respect the role of others and the company as a whole.


Providing quality service promotes confidence in the brand. Customer satisfaction relies on the ability to be reliable, flexible and trustworthy.


Be present through communication, answering or returning calls and emails is imperative. Be receptive to details and honest in finding solutions and offering assistance.

End Game

Operate for the benefit of the long term. Commitment to continual development and learning improves the quality of the business and the people who are responsible for its construction and conservation.

Welcome to Coastal Transport Services

Formed in 1986 by owner Ray Graetz, Coastal Services specialises in carrying general freight, bulk and palletised goods between Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. Our intrastate and interstate transport is also a growing area for the business, and with 5 different locations in NSW, we are perfectly placed to service your business needs.

Our purpose built depot at Warnervale has direct links to main arterial routes and provides additional truck wash and weigh bridge services, as well as warehousing.

Our Committment

Coastal Transport Services takes pride in our ability to provide safe and experienced services across all of our specialised domains. We have a high service ethos which prioritises value for money service with a focus on reliability and performance. Our focus on SAFETY, WELLBEING and RESPONSIBILITY is a testament to our commitment to continual improvement in the space of protection, health, technologies, reliability and leadership.


Coastal Transport leads by example when it comes to providing a strong focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of its employees. We value the environment we work in and the people we work with, and as such we make every attempt to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of mental health and fitness. At Coastal we want our employees to feel secure in their jobs and appreciated, this focus can have positive impacts against workplace violence, absenteeism and stress. Our employee assistance program exists as a collaboration with Flourish Australia to help improve the overall culture of the Coastal workplace and community.


Successful businesses strive to improve the condition and culture. We maintain the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards everywhere, and we   encourage and celebrate our employees’ active roles in their communities. We encourage the continual improvement of the group by overcoming challenges and taking responsibility for the reputation of the industry.

Coastal Transport Services makes every attempt to ensure that we are fulfilling a level of corporate social responsibility, that meets the expectations of the community and the environment. At Coastal we have a proactive approach to recycling, with the intent to reduce our environmental impact to 0%. We have a goal of being a leader in the production of responsible power creation and consumption with the use of electric hybrid hydrogen bio-diesel and solar technologies. Coastal Group is constantly pursuing methods of improvement, we are currently focused on achieving ISO certification in safety and quality control.


Together, our people are our most valuable assets and as such the health and safety of our employees and customers is of the utmost importance to Coastal Group.

Coastal Transport is a fully accredited Truck Safe company which ensures that we meet the highest possible transport safety standards set for: our employees, vehicle equipment, maintenance and record keeping. Our company is firmly committed to maintaining the highest OH&S standards and conducts periodic training in transport related subjects for our drivers. Coastal Transport and many of our drivers are also accredited under the Transport Fatigue Management Scheme (now known as Basic Fatigue Management) and we are members of the Australian Trucking Association.

We conduct safety toolbox meetings which involve the full staff. This is an open and frank discussion on any safety related issues for the workplace and covers any regulatory changes, fatigue issues and significant risk situations such as upcoming weather and or road closures etc. We also use this time to update Coastal of any changes required to standard work procedures as a group.

Our fleet and drivers are fitted with software including Freight 2020 which is accessible from supplied mobile devices and applications. This makes the reporting of incidents easier and more effective, helping to reduce the amount of accidents and near misses on and off sites.

We are committed to having a genuine culture of safety in all parts of our business, where everyone is encouraged to achieve an injury free workplace by taking personal responsibility for their own safety and developing ongoing steps towards continual improvement. Our employees are continually focused on finding ways to improve safety within the work environment and contribute positively to the awareness of wellbeing.

Coastal Transport– 12 Golden Rules

At Coastal Transport, we strive to keep our customers and employees safe and happy. In order to acheive this, the company has 12 ‘Golden Rules’ to ensure that customers, quality and safety are our focus.

Remember our customers feed us

We want our customers to succeed and we know we are an integral part of their supply chain. If our customers aren’t happy, we’re not happy. Coastal Transport currently supports more than 45 families so there is a lot of pressure on us to do the right thing at all times.

Great Value

Value equals benefits minus price. This means that the cheaper service is not necessarily the best.

on time

We understand that on time delivery is vital to your business success. We understand that your customers are demanding higher service levels, and we are proud to be part of your Total Customer Service package.

break down

You cannot guarantee reliable service with unreliable equipment. We are committed to maintaining a modern, safe, reliable fleet.

Humans will
answer our phones

When you ring us, real people will answer the phone. In these days of rapidly declining service levels, when most big companies get you to talk to a computer or call centre first, it is good to know that there will be a human on the other end of our phone, ready to serve you.


If we say we are going to pick up something, we’ll do it. Same with deliveries. Simple. If we can’t do it we’ll try our best to help you.

Charge a
fair price

Cheap often means nasty. We’ve seen a lot of Transport companies go broke over the years and ruin their customer’s reputation in the process. We focus on providing the best value without being the dearest.

Keep up
with technology

We embrace new technologies to provide you with a greater service. Our fleet is equipped with Navman Technology to provide safe on-road driving. The CTS office staff use the latest in logistics software to administer your freight without hassles. We will continue to upgrade e-commerce facilities as your needs develop in a true spirit of partnership.

Be available
to solve problems

The owner and staff are available when needed and are committed to quickly addressing problems.

tell lies

When you move as much freight as we do, there is bound to be a hiccup or two because no system is perfect and no human is perfect. We assure you that our company ethic is to be up front with you if problems occur and to work with you to fix them.

up standards

Coastal is one of the first Truck safe accredited companies in NSW and is committed to continue as a quality and OH&S leader. NSW Road Transport Association “Master Carrier of the Year” 2002.

Don’t keep
customers waiting

We don’t want to keep you waiting on the phone; we understand how frustrating it is to wait and how annoying it can be to be held up.