Women on the Move

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Truck drivers play essential roles in delivering goods to communities around the country. Despite its importance, transport and logistics is not an industry that typically attracts women. Australian Bureau of Statistics (2016) data shows that, nationally, women make up just 21.5 per cent of the full-time transport and logistics workforce. Most of these women are [...]

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Taking a Mental Health Day

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates 45 per cent of Australians between the ages of 16 and 85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. Many carry these conditions with them to and from the workplace: a report by beyondblue found one in five Australians have taken time off work in the past 12 [...]

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Why you need a Weighbridge

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Weighbridges or truckscales are scales used to weigh bulk items and unlike regular scales, they are designed to measure heavy items at large weight intervals. This means that the scales are not designed to measure to the nearest milligram like your kitchen or bathroom scale. Most truck scales have nominal capacities of 20,000kg, 30,000kg, 60,000kg, 80,000kgs [...]

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Transporting Dangerous Goods

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The EPA regulates the transport of dangerous goods in NSW. Dangerous goods listed and classified in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code, are substances and articles that can harm people, property and the environment. If you transport dangerous goods, you must comply with the Code and dangerous goods legislation. How to Identify Dangerous Goods To determine [...]

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CCGT Award Nominations

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Over the past year we have taken on the assistance of trainees and an apprentice through Central Coast Group Training. These additions to the Coastal family have contributed massively to the culture of a friendly and collaborative environment which values inclusivity and above all outstanding customer service. Over this past year our trainees have received [...]

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Mobile Use Behind the Wheel

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Drivers using mobile phones in NSW to be caught with new cameras. The use of mobile phones in vehicles has a history of regulation, in February 2012 the National Transport Commission amended the Australian Road Rules across states which mandated that you cannot touch a mobile phone at any time while driving or stopped in [...]

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Heavy Vehicle Rest Areas and Their Important Role in Fatigue Management

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One of the issues highlighted during the fatigueHack at the Truck Australia 2018 conference was there was much more rest area data needed. Operators and drivers should have access to knowledge about where the rest areas are on our highways and it should be freely accessible. Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced it is consolidating [...]

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Members of Truck Safe for over 20 Years

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20 Years: In Recognition of Safety with Accreditation Since Coastal Transport's infancy, we have been associated with Truck Safe Australia. Beginning with the first trials of the Australian Trucking Associations Truck Safe Accreditation and over 20 years on, Coastal has ensured the safety of our drivers and the community by adhering to the [...]

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Dreaming big and pulling through

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Dreaming big and pulling through: Here are all the winners of 2018’s Smart50 category awards While dreaming big is often part and parcel of running a business, many of the winners of this year’s Smart50 Awards’ category prizes have seen success by taking more risks and dreaming bigger than they ever had before. Be [...]

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Coastal Transport Services Smart50 Awards 2017

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Coastal Transport Services Smart50 Awards 2017 New South Wales-based logistics and trucking company Coastal Transport Services was founded by Ray Graetz in 1987 and quickly grew into a force to be reckoned with, offering freighting and transport services throughout Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast. With revenue just shy of $20 million last financial [...]

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