As we approach the end of the year we are always given cause to reflect on the year behind us. While Spring cleaning this month we happened across Central Coast Business Review from March 2000 featuring Coastal Transport Services detailing the company’s past 15 years history.

With 33 years in the industry Coastal Transport is continuing to develop the Central Coast and strive to make our customers and staff happy. It is always interesting to compare the company in it’s infancy to today to witness the trials and tribulations of the industry, the Central Coast and the the company.

In 2000 when Volume 11, no 2 of the Central Coast Business Review was was released Coastal Transport was the largest privately owned transport company on the Central coast with more than thirty employees, subcontractors and owner drivers. Starting in 1986 our very own very indomitable Ray Graetz started with a single semi-trailer out of Wyong delivering frames and trusses.

Today, with over sixty full-time staff and countless subcontractors, Coastal Transport continues to cater to client and industry demand alike.

After tendering and winning the State Rail Authority’s newly established Track Fast business Ray moved onward and upwards into  a larger depot in North Wyong.

In the meantime the transport and heavy haulage industry was booming and so had Coastal Transport. At this time the company had four crane equipped heavy vehicles and six full time subcontractors, in the words of Ray “we were a substantial business.”

Some of the company’s in the 2000 article are still current clients of the company to this day, many of them like Ultrafloor has been using Coastal since their inception. An accomplishment such as this is evidence to the company’s philosophy of “developing partnerships and delivering value.”

In growing with our customers the company moved into the warehouse and storage market offering a solution to an increasing demand for the service.

In 1998 Coastal Transport became one of the first transport companies in NSW and the 190th in Australia to be accredited under the National TruckSafe Accreditation program. As a response to community concerns about the safety of heavy vehicles on the roads, TruckSafe’s program provided emphasis and training in the duty of care and responsibilities of transport operators. These TruckSafe systems of maintenance, health, training and management were the building blocks for the current standards of management, risk management, responsibilities,  speed, fatigue, mass, dimension and loading and restraint.

Today TruckSafe is a key aspect of Coastal Transport’s compliance and management standards and in 2019 we were recognised as a TruckSafe member for over 20 years.

Ray has always believed that good employee relations is the key to success, having learned the importance of ‘man management’ in the Australian Army. By applying the same basic fundamentals to the management of Coastal, in 2000 more than half of the company’s had been with the company more than ten years.

In 2019 Coastal is still home to five employees who have been with the company more than thirty years and five more who have been with the company over ten years.

Ray is proud to employ well trained drivers who demonstrate experience and maturity as well as a commitment to safety and regulation and would like to think that we still have a “good crew.”